bubble ballet

award-winning swiss design studio greutmann bolzern bring a hypnotic installation of shape, light, and texture to swissnex san francisco. the star performers? soap bubbles.

opening_08 dec 2011 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm pacific time

swissnex san francisco, 730 montgomery st, san francisco, ca 94111

09 dec 2011 - 23 dec 2011

monday - friday 10am - 6pm

the room is dark but for glowing pools of viscous, shimmering liquid. dozens of wire shapes rise and fall from the ceiling, dipping down below the surface and slowly, silently emerging with a glistening fragile skin. join the swissnex san francisco community for a contemplative evening of art and design as we near the end of a busy 2011. with the cold days settling in, let us lure you into the warm, hypnotic glow of bubble ballet, a magical installation that combines interior design with a playful twist on physics-using soap bubbles. a sensation when it premiered at the 2010 designers’ saturday in langenthal, switzerland, design studio greutmann bolzern’s bubble ballet creates a fully immersive audio and visual environment exploring geometric shapes with mere soap, wire, and water, along with an array of motors and pulleys. enjoy the installation with light food and drinks and an informal description of the project from designers carmen greutmann-bolzern and urs greutmann.